real things happening in real places

digital / film


the past 3 days have felt like sunday. i wish for 3 more sundays.

Me, Momo, and our Cardboard Coffee Table

I watered my boss’s trees today. I drank his red wine.

I am a fruit

flowers and their fences

the 80’s were a very important time for subways

Just remembered one time on the subway when a male borrowed my pen to write a love note to another girl beside me. He never gave my pen back. She left without a word.

A “store” that sells nothing but contains only two things: T-shirts and neon lights. I was alone here.

1PM / 1AM

Every morning begins and ends with Momo climbing up my legs, down my legs, into my clothes, into my pockets, on my shoulders, in my neck, on the sink, in the tub, on my computer and lastly out the door with me.

No matter how much you take away of yourself you are still the same so what does that mean for physical form?


No Good

Portrait of Tim

Portrait of Momo